University posts $1.4bn of debt to fund postgraduate tuition

FINNISH TIMES/NIKITA KARAPUTO Posted by FINNSHIRE TIMES on August 06, 2019 10:02:20It is the first time the University of Helsinki has posted a financial statement since it was dissolved in 2012.The university says it will post its latest financial statement on Wednesday.Its first statement in 2019-20 posted the results of a €2.5bn ($2.9bn) investment into […]

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Which students are most likely to become PhDs in 2019?

Posted August 30, 2019 09:57:56 Many students take a year to complete their degree.Some are lucky to finish in two years, others are likely to complete the degree in five years or less.But there are a number of students who can become PhD candidates in the next five years, with the potential to take the […]

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How to learn a postgraduate course online

I’ve been teaching a postdoctoral course for over a year now and I’m always trying to teach my students the most advanced topics in criminology.This past year, I decided to make the most of my time to help them by offering a free online course.If you’re interested in learning more about how to teach a […]

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How you can help save the endangered white rhino

From a scientific point of view, it’s a very simple question to answer: why are we here?That’s a pretty simple question for us to ask.There are a number of factors that may be driving the decline in the white rhinoceros population, including the decline of hunting, habitat loss, disease, and climate change.White rhinotrachus are a […]

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Why did the US invest in Facebook in the first place?

The US government has been funding research into how to better regulate social media and artificial intelligence (AI) to keep it secure.But now the US has joined a global wave of investors in a project that could transform how people and organizations view and manage data, said John McAfee, a former chief technology officer at […]

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Why did the uwa psychologists fail to recruit for postgraduate coaching?

The UWA Psychology postgraduate admission portal has been criticised for failing to recruit top tier postgraduate coaches from the top universities, according to the National Postgraduate Council (NPCC).The NPCC released a statement on Tuesday, saying it had received “strong concerns” from postgraduate students and staff about the website’s recruitment processes.“We have heard from a number […]

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