Australia’s postgraduate degree ‘must be more competitive’

Australia’s high postgraduate degrees are failing to recruit more students, new research shows.The latest national report by the Graduate Council of Australia and the University of NSW found Australia’s 16 universities had the third-lowest proportion of postgraduate postgraduate students of any tertiary institution in the country.While the University at Sydney ranked first for enrolment, and […]

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German universities set to open in US next year

Germany is set to begin accepting international postgraduate students next year, but only if the government agrees to extend a $300,000 federal grant that gives postgraduate fellowships to up to 15,000 students in a single school.The German government said it would give the money to universities and postgraduate programs from July 1, 2018.It was initially […]

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How to get the best salary at BBA postgraduate and BBA graduate posts

When you apply for an undergraduate or BBA at a postgraduate school, you should take into account the degree you want to do.The postgraduate degree may be a bachelor, masters, or doctorate, and some degrees are awarded in a year or more.But there are a few things you need to know about the postgraduate salary: […]

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How to get a PhD in Animal Science, postgraduates and other postdocs

If you are looking to get into animal science as a postdoc, graduate or otherwise, this post is for you.There are a lot of different ways you can get your degree and many of them are in postdoc or postdoc/postdoc/non-degree programs.This post is about some of the common options, but if you want to learn […]

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Why did the uwa psychologists fail to recruit for postgraduate coaching?

The UWA Psychology postgraduate admission portal has been criticised for failing to recruit top tier postgraduate coaches from the top universities, according to the National Postgraduate Council (NPCC).The NPCC released a statement on Tuesday, saying it had received “strong concerns” from postgraduate students and staff about the website’s recruitment processes.“We have heard from a number […]

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