Udusok, the $200M Startup of the Postgraduate Scholarship Industry, Now Available in Singapore

TechCrunch is reporting that Udusak has opened its first Singaporean office and is now working with the University of Southern Cross and The University of Queensland to launch its postgraduate scholarships.

We spoke to Udusouk’s CEO, Daniel Muhlmann, about the company’s vision and what it will look like when it officially launches in Singapore.1.

What are your biggest concerns with launching Udusk?

A: One of the biggest challenges is to maintain a balance between the company and the community, which is a huge challenge in this field.

We have a long list of community members who support us in the development of the platform and our goal is to build community from the beginning.

It is very difficult to get funding from VCs and venture capital companies, so we are really hoping that the community will come to the table and help us.2.

How has the startup’s first year gone so far?


The first year has been very good.

We had a lot of community support and helped to promote Udusoku and we had a few hundred users who visited our website and interacted with us.3.

How do you think the postgraduate career will change after the launch?

A.: I believe the postgraduates will be the future leaders of the industry.

There is an opportunity to have a better future by focusing on education and education at the post graduate level.4.

What do you plan to do to promote education?

A : Udusoks platform will help to spread education in the country, which will help the post graduates to build their career skills and reach their dreams.5.

Are there any other startups in Singapore you would like to recommend?

A, Udusko has created a platform for the post grad students.

Udusoko is a startup, and its aim is to be the leading platform for students from all different disciplines.

We are looking forward to the launch.6.

Who is your first customer and why did you choose Udusku to start a postgraduate education business?

A., Udusky is a very important and influential company that I am sure will continue to be a part of Singapore’s postgraduate community.7.

How many postsgraduate courses are currently available in Singapore?

A:, Currently there are over 40,000 postgraduate programs in Singapore, and Uduskok is the first platform for this.8.

What does your business model look like?

A・Our business model is based on education.

We make the platform available to all students who want to access the post Graduate education, and we offer scholarships for these students.9.

How much does Uduski charge per postgraduate course?

A,, Udusokin will charge an upfront fee, and a percentage of each student’s fee will be deducted from the student’s income every month.10.

What is the average tuition cost for postgraduate students?

A+, the average postgraduate tuition fee is Rs. 13,500.11.

What makes UdusK a better business model than traditional postgraduate schools?


We are not a traditional postgrad program, but our mission is to promote the post-graduate education industry in Singapore through Udusuk.

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