What’s the best postgraduate degree for postgraduate politics?

With the rise of political parties and the election of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in December, many young professionals are moving from academia to politics.

While there are still many grad students interested in politics, the best candidates are now the postgraduates who were trained in academia and have already graduated.

A new research study by Uwe Reinhardt, PhD student in Political Science and Politics at the University of Hamburg, and his team has shown that postgraduate degrees can also improve a candidate’s political career.

The study was published in the journal Political Studies.

“Postgraduate degrees in political science and political science departments can significantly improve the chances that candidates will get into the next government,” said Reinhardt.

“They can also provide a lot of information and training that candidates need to be able to present their candidacy in a more balanced way.”

According to Reinhardt and his colleagues, postgraduate students need to know about the political systems in which they live and where their candidates live.

For example, they should also know the parties’ platforms and how they can be effective at appealing to voters.

“Candidates who have studied in the same universities should have the same degree as candidates in other universities and universities with similar qualifications,” said the researchers.

“The candidates should be able understand that postgraduation offers a lot more opportunities than university.”

A number of candidates, including the incumbent Prime Minister, have already applied for the postgraduate study program at universities in Germany.

The authors suggest that post graduate degrees should be considered when choosing candidates.

“Candidates should be asked whether the post-graduate study in their country is right for them and the candidates should decide if the post graduate degree is right to them,” said Erwin Schlesinger, Professor of Political Science at the Universität Frankfurt.

“It is very important that candidates learn about political institutions and policies that will make a difference in their career,” said Schlesingers.

“But post graduate programs should be evaluated on the basis of how well candidates have been able to get the training and knowledge that they need to present themselves as a politician.”

Reinhardt and Schlesingsons study looked at candidates who entered the election for the European Parliament in May 2016.

The research team looked at the candidate’s academic credentials, his political opinions, his campaign speeches and his statements in the press.

The candidates were asked to complete a survey about their political views and their views of candidates.

In addition, they also completed a questionnaire on the topics of the candidates’ positions and their policies.

The researchers then used the results of the survey to estimate how well the candidates had done in various areas.

Schlesinger said that the candidates who were selected as the leaders of the new party “Führer” won the elections.

In the future, Reinhardt plans to conduct similar research on other candidates and to make sure the candidates have the training to be effective politicians.

The candidates should not have to be trained in politics in order to get elected.

The researchers also found that candidates who have taken postgraduate courses at universities and have a high number of votes should be more likely to get a seat in the European parliament.

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