Trump tweets ‘we need to stop the spread of the virus’

President Donald Trump on Wednesday tweeted that the spread “of the virus is very serious.”

The president said the virus has infected “more than 300,000 people and is killing thousands,” and he urged Americans to stop spreading it by visiting CDC.

He continued: “Our people must stop the virus from spreading to others.

We must all stop the spreading of the disease.

This is an epidemic.”

In his tweets, Trump was responding to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) warning that the virus may be spreading rapidly among some students in the nation’s universities.

In a tweet, he also urged people to visit CDC’s website and “go to the CDC” to report any new cases.

“There is no excuse for allowing the virus to spread like this,” Trump said.

“The world is watching and waiting for a solution to stop this pandemic.

It is time to stop it!”

He also tweeted, “We need to Stop the Spread of the Virus.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the president’s tweets.

The virus is a coronavirus that is spread by close contact with the respiratory secretions of an infected person.

It can cause severe illness in its most severe form.CDC warned in a recent advisory that some students at some of the nations top four public universities have been showing signs of a new strain of the coronaviruses, which includes the new coronaviral variant CNV-19.

The CDC’s latest update on coronavaccine transmission in the United States said that among the more than 300 people who have been diagnosed with CNV during the first five weeks of this year, there were 459 cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome, with more than 1,400 deaths, among them more than 3,000 in California.

The report also said that more than 100 people in California have died from coronavadosis since October.

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