The future of the postgraduate nurse

Nursing students may be the future of postgraduate residence, but it may take longer to be implemented, a report has said.

Key points:The Government has promised to introduce a national postgraduate visa by 2019The report by the Universities and Colleges Employers Council says there are no clear plans for the postgraduation accommodation sectorThere are some signs that universities are becoming more proactive in developing postgraduate lodging arrangementsThe report said the number of new postgraduate students entering the sector in the past few years is at its lowest level since the 2000s.

It said the Government has been working hard to attract more postgraduates to the sector, with the promise of a national visa by 2020.

“A number of measures to attract and retain postgraduate students are now being considered, but there is no clear plan for the sector at the moment,” the report said.

“This has created an environment for universities to be more proactive and develop more postgraduate lodgings and accommodation options.

But with the recent announcements that the Government is announcing a National Postgraduate Visa, it may not be too soon to take advantage of these opportunities.”

The Government had committed to a National Visa by 2019, but only a small number of universities have so far committed to building new postgraduated accommodation, with only four of the universities offering formal postgraduate facilities.

The report suggested that universities should consider building more accommodation facilities for postgraduating students.

Its members said that the University of Queensland, for example, was building a new accommodation complex with the intention of opening up to up to 10,000 students per year.

However, this is not likely to happen until the 2020s, the report found.

University of Queensland said it was currently working on a plan to build accommodation for up to 1,000 undergraduates, and that it had begun discussions with the government about the availability of postgrad-related accommodation.

Meanwhile, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has been asked to look at the situation of university students in the workplace.

A spokeswoman said the commission had been asked by the Ministry of Education and Training to look into “the current state of post-graduate accommodation arrangements in Australian universities”.

She said that if the inquiry’s report found that university accommodation had not been made available to postgraduate applicants, then the Government should ensure it did so.

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