‘I was scared’: Taylor’s University postgraduate students leave post-graduate registration after ‘rape threats’

Posted June 06, 2019 07:53:36 The postgraduate student who had been studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering was on Friday night horrified to discover she would not be able to complete her coursework because of threats she received from her university.

The University of Queensland’s Student Affairs and Human Rights Department said on Twitter it was working with the postgraduate to help “rebuild confidence” in the community and provide a “safe environment for all students”.

The university’s Graduate Council is investigating the claims.

“We’re very concerned for the safety of the students,” university spokeswoman Sarah Hall said.

Ms Hall said the university had “deeply regretted” the incident, and the students who reported the incident had been offered support.

She said the students involved had been told that they would not complete their courses and that they were free to withdraw from the post-graduation registration process at any time.

This was an unacceptable incident and the university is working with students to ensure that the community has a safe environment for them to complete their coursework and finish their studies.

Students are now required to attend a safety assessment, attend a sexual assault awareness and support group, and “be able to report sexual assault and sexual harassment to the police”.

Students at the University of Adelaide were forced to change their names and birth dates on the university’s website because of the situation.

University of Adelaide postgraduate enrolment figures: September 2018: 623,624 (624 students enrolled at the end of the academic year) September 2019: 735,737 (735 students enrolled during the academic term) October 2019: 635,917 (918 students enrolled) November 2019: 853,818 (853 students enrolled).

A statement from the university read: “The University will be working with its student leaders and other stakeholders to ensure students are able to participate in their university coursework, and are free to change course and choose their next academic year if they choose.”

The Department of Human Rights and Social Services said it was also investigating the incident and had “expressed concerns” about the way the university handled the situation on social media.

It said in a statement that the university was committed to protecting the rights of all students and that it had taken steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the community.

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