How to apply for postgraduate admissions to the University of Western Australia

Posted August 09, 2018 09:03:53 Postgraduate students in Australia are set to get a better shot at admission to the Australian National University (ANU) when the Australian Research Council (ARC) announces new funding for the institution’s postgraduate program.

ARC grants for the 2017-18 academic year, to be released on September 30, have been earmarked to cover the cost of the University’s graduate placement fee, the cost to train up a new postgraduate and to cover a portion of the cost for the graduate education and postgraduate support services.

The ARC’s 2017-19 Postgraduate Scholarship Program (PSP) is the first of its kind in the world, and is set to be the biggest in Australia’s postdoctoral program.

The new funding, to fund $7.5 million over four years, is designed to give postgraduates the ability to access up to $1.2 million in postgraduate scholarships, and provide support services to help them gain the skills needed to progress in the academic career of a postgraduate.

The first batch of ARC scholarships were allocated on June 14, 2018, and will be extended through to September 30.

These funds will go to applicants who have a minimum GPA of 3.5.

They will also go to students who have achieved a maximum score on the ACT Graduate Assessment (GA) and the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) tests.

These new funds will also be used to help more students apply for scholarships.

ARC President Dr Matthew Keneally said postgraduation is one of the most exciting areas for the University, and it was important that we have more resources for the postgraduate students to help achieve their potential.

“Postgraduate students are an important part of our success story, and they have been the heart and soul of our research and innovation for decades.

To help them further their career, the ARC will be providing additional funding for postgraduate placement fees,” Dr Kenealsaid in a statement.

“We want our postgrad students to continue to have the best chance of success and to see that our students have the skills they need to continue their research.”

To help students who would like to apply to the ARC, ARC’s postgrad postgraduate services are offering a wide range of opportunities, from advising them on postgraduate career options, to taking their application to the appropriate university and applying directly to an academic position.

These include: ARC offers students an opportunity to take part in the ARC’s Research Career Assessment (RCA) to assess their suitability for postdoctoral employment in their field of study, including the requirements for a job in a particular academic area, and an opportunity for employers to meet with students and provide advice and feedback.

Students can also take part with the ARC in the selection of the Postgraduate Resume (PRS) for a position, which helps them to get to know the position and the university in which they are applying.

ARC is also providing a number of online tools for students to work through the process of applying to their academic postgraduate placement.

“Students can take part through the ARC Postgraduate Admissions Toolkit, a resource that provides a framework for a variety of topics, including employment applications, career development, research experiences, and personal profiles,” ARC said.

The postgraduate student’s academic postgrad placement fee is $3,000.

To apply for the new ARC scholarships, students need to submit a CV and cover letter with a minimum grade of 3 and a final exam score of at least 70 per cent.

The application deadline for the 2018-19 postgraduate scholarship period is September 1.

ARC’s graduate position program is available online and in person, and the ARC offers a range of career support and mentoring services, including postgraduate advising, employment and career counselling, and support to students with financial difficulties.

“The ARC Postdoctoral Scholarships Program is an important component of our efforts to ensure the success of our students in the postdoctoral career, and we look forward to seeing them succeed in their career,” ARC President Kenealy said.

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