In 2019, students graduate with a degree in radiology

In 2019 students graduate from the postgraduate medical programmes at the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, and the University College Queensland.

This marks a significant milestone for the Queensland Radiology Department and is a testament to the dedication of our postgraduate graduates.

The postgraduate radiology degree is a first of its kind and is recognised as a major achievement for postgraduate students in the Queensland radiology sector.

The 2018 results are being released on behalf of the Department of Radiology to inform the Queensland Government on the progress made towards achieving the 2020 Vision and 2030 Vision.

The 2018 results will also inform the Government of the future of postgraduate education and research in the radiology industry.

These results provide a snapshot of postgraduation careers in Queensland and provide a benchmark for all Queensland radiolarians.

The Department will use these results to inform its future policies, programmes and strategies.

Postgraduates in the postdoctoral programmes will graduate from three postgraduate programs.

These include:LSE Postgraduate Medics and Radiology, UQ Postgraduate Medicine, and Queensland Radiola.

The radiology department is an integral part of the Queensland tertiary health service and offers postgraduate training and postgraduate clinical experience.

The LSE Postgraduates and Radiolists are a highly qualified postgraduate program and offer outstanding postgraduate qualifications and research.

They are committed to excellence and are highly regarded by other postgraduate institutions.

LSE postgraduate medics and radiolists train at the LSE Medical School and are employed in the Department.

The Queensland Radiologists are a well-established, highly respected, and highly competitive postgraduate profession and are recognised by other Queensland radiological institutes and universities.

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