‘Unleash the power of the digital’

“Unleashing the power to learn from the data and make it freely available for anyone to study is something that I’m very passionate about,” she says.

“We need to get the data out there and start to take it and build upon it.”

What I love about the Data Lab is that it gives people a chance to learn by using data.

You can actually have people try different things and see what they come up with.

I think the DataLab is really going to be a catalyst for the sharing of data in a more collaborative way.

“For the Data Labs, the big challenge is to build the data that can make it all accessible to all.

The Data Lab will have around 25 people working on the project.”

There’s a lot of learning that’s going to happen.””

That includes students, staff, teachers and the general public.

There’s a lot of learning that’s going to happen.”

Raghu says that students who are in the Datalab will be able to see their data at work or school, so they will be getting their data from a place of trust and data protection.

“Students will be really empowered to take data from the DataLabs and use it in their studies,” she adds.

“For them, they will have a lot more confidence that they are sharing their data with others and that their data is being protected.”

The DataLab project is not the first time that Raghubai has been working with data.

Back in 2012, she helped to launch a project called the “Dangerous Data Project” which aims to improve data protection laws in India.

In March, she was a keynote speaker at a DataLab event in the UK, which was organised by the Open Data Foundation.

The DataLamp will be available for free to anyone who signs up to a data portal or a data network to access data.

The project is available to anyone in India with a SIM card.

The next DataLab will be held in October.

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