What you need to know about graduate degrees

By now, you’ve probably heard about the new postgraduate studies programme at Exeter University.

The program is being run by the postgraduate council and will provide a more flexible and flexible postgraduate pathway for people from outside the traditional academic academic career.

Exeter postgraduates will be able to apply for more than 20 different postgraduate degree programmes in a few years time.

The new postgrad programmes will be launched over the next year.

But for those who already have a degree, the new programme is more about gaining access to postgraduate training than for those already in the profession.

Exeter post graduate students will be given a choice of courses to take, with the first choice for those in their first year and the second choice for the rest of their degree.

The programme will include six different degrees, all of which will offer an introduction to the subject and will be available for people to choose from.

There will be no need for a degree in a specific field to gain access to the programme, as the postgrad programme will be based around the topic.

The Postgraduate Council, which will run the post graduate programmes, said that the introduction of the new programmes will give more choice to people in the field.

“It will make the post-graduate journey more interesting for students.

Our first-year students will have the opportunity to pursue the postdoctoral pathway without needing to complete an extra degree,” Exeter Postgraduate Chair, Professor Peter Tinsley said.”

As well as allowing people to apply to more than five different post-graduate programmes, the postgens programme will enable students to choose the best one for them.”

Exeter University postgraduate student, Emily, says that she had the opportunity, while in her second year of university, to apply and chose the post doctoral program at Examex.

The university has a large postgraduate population, but Emily’s choice of a different programme was not a surprise.

“I’m a big fan of postgraduation.

It’s so much more rewarding and I love it,” Emily said.

“I love that I can get a different perspective on things.

Being in Exeter gives me a different insight into what I can do as a post-doc.”

In the meantime, Exeter’s postgraduate students will still be able pick and choose which postgraduate programme they want to study.

“The first thing you need is an undergraduate degree to get into the post postgraduate program,” Expec postgraduate Dean, Professor Chris Gollins said.

Expect the new graduate programmes to be available over the course of next year, and they will be part of the university’s academic calendar for the foreseeable future.

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