When you need a doctor to teach you how to listen to music

If you’re a postgraduate student and looking for a doctor for postgraduate training you may want to consider visiting a postdoctoral training institution.

The Australian Institute of Medical Research (AIIMR) has released its annual Postgraduate Training and Research Survey (PTRS) which has been carried out by the Australian Research Council (ARC).

It has asked more than 50,000 postgraduate students across Australia to fill out an online questionnaire.

It’s the first time that AIIMR has done this, with previous surveys asking about the general health and wellbeing of students across the country.

According to the PTRS, postgraduate medical training is highly popular, with 61 per cent of respondents saying they had heard of the institution and its graduates.

This includes almost 70 per cent saying they would be interested in working with students.

However, just a quarter of respondents said they had ever been to an AIIMRC postgraduate facility and more than half (53 per cent) said they would not want to work with students from a particular institution.

Despite these high numbers, postgraduates are finding it difficult to get an appointment with a doctor.

Of those that did not have an appointment, only 20 per cent said they wanted to see a doctor because they could not find a suitable postgraduate residency.

A similar trend is seen for postgraduating music, with more than one-quarter (27 per cent, or 1.3 million) of respondents wanting to work at a post-graduate music training centre.

“We’re seeing students in their 20s wanting to go to a music training school, but they have to get permission from their GP first,” Dr Tim McNeill from AIIMRM said.

“The other option is going to a local music training and performance venue, but there’s not much of a range of venues.”

If you’re looking for music training in your 20s and early 30s and have never worked in a music venue before, you’re missing out on the opportunity to train for a job in music.

“Dr McNeill said there was also a lack of support for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Many students don’t have access to music training, particularly for young people of colour,” he said.

He said the need for more postgraduate musical training centres and music programs was important for the future of postgraduate medicine.”

It’s not just about the number of postgraduation musical training institutions, but the future prospects of post-graduating medical training,” he added.

Dr McNeil said it was important that young people were educated about the career pathways available to them and that they knew what they were getting into.”

You don’t want to be a kid who’s looking for an internship, but a career in music.

It’s a good place to learn about music training,” Dr McNeill added.

Dr Mcneils advice to postgraduate students interested in pursuing postgraduate music education is to be proactive about finding a postgraduated music training program, and get in touch with the AIIMRB.

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