How to apply to become a medical graduate from Imperial postgraduate programmes

Postgraduate programmes at Imperial are open to all students regardless of their previous medical degree.

This article provides information on applying for Imperial postgraduate degrees.

You can also access a list of Imperial post graduate degree programmes by visiting the following link.

You should apply to be a medical grad by completing the following steps:You must be a full-time student in the first year of your postgraduate degree.

This is the same as applying for a Masters or Doctorate degree in Medicine or the equivalent degree.

In addition, you must complete an online medical qualification test.

If you have completed a medical degree, you will need to apply for a medical postgraduate qualification test and meet certain criteria.

You must have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate medical qualification and have been accepted to Imperial post Graduate Studies at the University of Nottingham.

You will be assessed on your medical qualification at a time and at a place that is convenient to you and your family.

The test is held at the end of each year.

If your application is approved, you should expect to complete the following three steps:The first two of these three steps are self-assessments.

You’ll be assessed each year on your degree, the first of which will be the medical qualification.

The second will be your post graduate examination and the third will be an interview.

You will have to pass all the assessments before you are considered for admission.

You may apply to the Medical Graduate Programme (MGCP) by completing an online application form at

You are responsible for all costs associated with applying for admission to Imperial Post Graduate Studies.

You cannot apply for Imperial Postgraduate Studies if you have any outstanding outstanding medical debts.

If you are applying for the MGCP, you’ll have to provide a statement of medical debts which you’ll need to file with your student loan provider.

For more information on Imperial Post graduate programmes and to apply, please visit:

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