How to get a job at Cambridge postgraduate degree: A guide

A Cambridge post-graduate degree is often hailed as the “perfect job”.

But with so many different jobs available, how can you get one?

Here are the tips you need to know.


The jobs are open source Cambridge has posted job listings for the following post-grad jobs on GitHub: Assistant Professor, Teaching Fellow, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Senior Lecturer, Senior Associate Professor of Physics, Senior Fellow, Senior Director of Engineering, Associate Professor in Engineering Engineering Sciences, Senior Research Fellow, Director of Computing, Assistant Director of Science, Assistant Associate Professor, Associate Associate Professor (Computer Science), Senior Associate, Senior Scholar, Senior Professor, Senior Scientist, Senior Staff Member, Senior Teaching Fellow and Senior Lecture Leader.

The list is extensive.


Some posts are open sourced but not all Cambridge Postgraduate degree students are offered these jobs.

The job listings are available on GitHub and are not necessarily open source.


Some jobs are posted on a first come, first serve basis.

A student may have an interest in some post-doctoral jobs, but not others.


Most post-degrees offer a paid position with an offer to transfer after graduation.

If you’re interested in a job posting, read through the job descriptions carefully.


To apply for a job, go to the postgraduate job page on the Cambridge postmaster’s website.

The first step is to create an account and then fill in the relevant information.

If a job description has an open-source link, you can also create an open source account.

Once you have your details, click the “Apply” button.

The application will then open and you will be redirected to the Cambridge Postmaster’s online application portal.

You will be asked to provide the correct email address, which is usually listed in the footer of the page.

You can also fill in your CV, cover letter and a list of qualifications.

You may also be asked for additional information.

For more information on applying for Cambridge Post Graduate jobs, visit

The following are some other posts posted by Cambridge Postgrad students on GitHub.

Senior Lecturership: Senior Lectures at a prestigious UK university, this is a prestigious position, with the position advertised as a post-doc position.

The position is available to students who have completed the post-Graduate Level of a postgraduate postgraduate programme.

The department is in a strong position to recruit this position, given that a majority of the graduates who enter this post- graduate programme work in this department.

The post-degree candidate will work closely with the postmaster, as well as with the Department of Advanced Studies and Research (DASR), to provide technical support to the department.

Cambridge Post graduate post-docs are also eligible for an additional one year post-Doctoral Fellowship (FPF) that covers up to 30% of their post-PhD salary, up to $200,000, in addition to the regular post-Diploma Fellowship (DPF) for up to 40% of the postgraduates’ postgraduate salary.

Cambridge post graduate posts offer a variety of post-career opportunities, including teaching, research, administration and teaching as a senior research associate.

It is not known if this postdoc position is open to all Cambridge postgrad students.

Faculty of Engineering: The Faculty of Engineers is the premier engineering and science postgraduate education institution in the UK, with a number of postgraduate programmes available to qualified students.

Postgraduates from the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (CECE) are the only engineering postgraduate students who receive the postdoc offer.

This postgraduate program offers students an opportunity to undertake a variety to postgraduate careers, including postdoctoral research, research and postdoctoral teaching positions.

Faculty members are also interested in hiring junior postgradents who have been successful in the Engineering Postgraduate (EP) programme.

Postgraduate Postgradents can expect to spend two years in post-programme teaching, with an overall maximum of 12 months.

In 2018, postgraduate posts were open to students from all faculties, but in 2019, only postgradates from CECE and the Faculty are considered eligible.

CEC and the University of Cambridge offer a number open-labels, which can be viewed by clicking on the “labels” tab on the left side of the CEC site.

The University offers a number postgraduate scholarships and fellowship opportunities to postgradues, which may be viewed online at CEC.

A postgraduate course is not required for this postgraduate fellowship.

Other Cambridge Postdoctoral posts include the following: Associate Professor; Associate Professor and Senior Scholar; Senior Fellow; Senior Lectured Fellow; Associate Lecturer; Associate Director of Advanced Science; Assistant Director and Senior Scientist; Senior Staff Leader; Senior Teaching Fellowship; Senior Research Fellowship; Assistant Research Fellow; Deputy Director of Research.

Post-doctoral postgraders are also considered eligible for

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